Monday, April 02, 2018

Back to the Start
It has been a rough week for the group and all of us. 

Emmanuel went to the lawyer’s appointment I made for him. But he did not go straight from point A to point B. He bumped into a friend who was also going to a lawyer named Stephano in Prato. Unfortunately, 87% percent of males in Italy are named Stephano. I exagerate. But, of course, it was not the same lawyer in Prato; and Emmanuel ended up needing to be directed clear across town and was 87 minutes late to his appointment. And that, I swear, is not an exageration. Then the lawyer who, as luck would have it, is a full on misogynist refused to take Emmanuel to the police station to find out if he had missed his Commission hearing until he heard F’s reassuringly male voice. Only reluctantly did he agree to try to use the hospitality letter that I so painstakingly got from the owner of Emmanuel’s house, along with her identity documents. Apparently, these days you also need the name of the person on the rental contract, who, in this case, has been leaning in to schizophrenia for a while now. I gave Emmanuel some incentive money to get DeWill to accompany him to the appointment, but that did not work. He may also have an expired stay permit. The lawyer - we were fools to think otherwise - just took our money and then did nothing to get them to accept the hospitality letter and then told Emmanuel that he will try in the future if Emmanuel can pay off some other African friend to sign on to his fake hospitality letter. Until then, if caught, Emmanuel can face being thrown in jail for not having an active permesso di soggiorno. 

Cool went to Nigeria because his sick father needed help getting accepted into a hospital. He also planned on dealing with business there because all Nigerians abroad are losing access to their bank accounts back home and so he needs to clear out any savings to pay for his father’s health care and bring back anything else that was left to pay off his family’s debts. We got the sad news yesterday that his father died. I don’t think he was very old, but he had been suffering for sometime without medical care. Jennifer called me, holding back tears. It is good timing that my contact Marina got six full bags of clothing from the mothers at the school for little Wisdom, so F will take that over to check on her today.

Here are the photos: