Saturday, February 03, 2018

Getting going
This week I translated for Emmanuel and we paid for him to try to get a work permit for autonomous work. The man in charge wasn’t sure if he could do it because Emmanuel doesn’t have a real permesso di soggiorno yet since he has not been called up for a second time in front of the review commission. It was a gamble.

We also gave little push screen tablets to the babies so they could stop dropping everybody in their house’s phones and cracking the screens. They were a big hit!  Wisdom is usually scared of new toys and he cries when he first sees the invaders in his home. I think it is because his house is a shelter for a lot of people who Jennifer cooks for and hosts. She is also currently babysitting for a ten month old while taking care of Wisdom, who is just about to turn terrible two.  We also have made donation requests for her for a double stroller since it is impossible to get them both out of the house at the same time and get further than three steps.

F brought a vacuum to Jennifer so she could clean the dirty one in her bedroom. And Courtney’s mom Dinah came in for a clutch donation to take care of baby food and diapers for the kiddies. 

T has been slaying her college interviews, but they keep on coming. Next week she has her first taste of the final exams that they call the simulazione. She will have a big test every month until the end from here on out. Unfortunately, her wisdom teeth have chosen to make an appearance right when we least wanted to see them. At least one of them is going to have to come out, but we don’t know when we can schedule it. This being Italy, our favorite dentist’s xray machine was broken so she has to go back to Prato just to find out how crooked the tooth is growing in. 

Peace’s parents called us in a panic because they needed a document from the Nigerian embassy translated into Italian and stamped in order to qualify for a grant to help with their rent. If they got it, it would be a life changer. We did our best on that, but we don’t know how it will go.

I am really looking forward - understatment of the millennium - to finding out where T is going to go to school and what our next house is going to be like. She should get some results starting next month. We have ongoing construction noise from our neighbors that is making this beautiful apartment less hospitable. 

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