Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Phase One
Today we went to the post office with Peace and Tina to renew Tina’s permesso di soggiorno/stay permit. As expected the person at the window challenged her paperwork, but I did eventually convince her to process the application. We spent a hundred euros on the processing fees. I have no idea how refugees are supposed to manage to fill out all those forms in Italian and come up with the money themselves. They have lowered some of the fees from last time, but still. It took us over an hour to get the paperwork done, and it was not our first rodeo.

It did not hurt that Peace looked like a rock star and charmed the whole line full of retirees who were there waiting for their pension payments. Even the little boy whose face she squeezed was so startled by her that he did not even protest. She was in great form despite having had thrown up the whole night due to a stomach virus. If Mariah Carey could ring in the New Year without tea, there is no end to things we mortals can accomplish. In three weeks, we will have to face the real challenge at the police station. None of us are looking forward to it. 

Peace woke up like this:

We are unstoppable:

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