Wednesday, December 13, 2017

vague on purpose

I went to a dinner the other night where one of the guests delighted me by proposing a completely renegade solution to the Italian requirement that refugees possess a passport from the country from which they escaped. I can’t share it with you in detail since I certainly do not want to implicate any of us good folks. Unfortunately, upon further investigation, my nefarious plan to get a new Nigerian passport is not going to work because word on the street is that their consulate is even more corrupt than I am. I guess Gabriella won’t have to get the oranges with the jail cell keys in them ready after all. (Just kidding, official people reading this.)

Today F and I filled out a sample kit of the application for renewal and sent it to the judge to have the lawyer look at it. We will plan to go for step one of the renewal process right after New Year’s: the dreaded Ufficio Postale. 

Meanwhile, both of our families are getting inflated electric bills. I suspect it is because of their foreign names on the statements. One family owes more than 900 euros in utility bills and the other is also heavily in debt. I could scarcely get them to focus on the legal issues because I happen to call them while they were making a desperate attempt to get the Enel, the electric company to send out a technico to check the actual meters.

T has tests all week long.

The stress is real. 
Enjoy some of our tree ornaments:

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