Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Santa Success Story
From last year at the Red Cross to this year at a group home, Moro has been a constant source of positivity. He was the one who helped us distribute winter scarves that the children had made to the refugees in the tents, even though he himself had been newly transferred to a group home. All of the coats were too big for him, but he helped us to keep people from squabbling over the stuff we had to offer because, unfortunately, we did not have the right sizes or enough coats for everyone that night. We got him started studying Italian from my same first Italian book, and now he is taking part in a pastry course as part of his job training. It has not been easy for him by any means. Some months back we had the sad news that his infant child had died back in The Gambia. Nevertheless, he keeps fighting for a better life and is clearly someone whose success will touch a lot of lives. He is very short in stature, so it was amazing that Geraldine had given us a whole rainbow of different colored shirts and sweaters that were just his size and a beautiful red winter jacket! Courtney gave us three giant bags of groceries and toiletries that were very much appreciated by everyone in his house. 

 That was last year. This is now:

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