Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Adulting it
T is 18. It is official! My scorpione bunny, the hero of my life, is now an adult. Not only can she vote in America, but she can get the buono for books that saves Italian kids a ton of money when they become maggiorenne.

Her friends threw her a surprise birthday party on Saturday night. We all deserve Oscars for the performances we gave. She was hella suspicious, but eventually we all worked on her long enough that, when the time came, she was actually surprised. They even had a secret meeting with me the week before. It was adorable. They wrote her personal notes and made her a dinner with a cake and everything! 

Then, on her real day, we went for dinner at her friend Saoirse’s house. Saoirse’s brother Turlough has the same birthday. Saoirse is leaving for Israel soon as part of her gap year experience, so it was really nice to spend time all together before she leaves. 

Some classmates took her out for tea after class. T’s favorite present from the family was a first edition copy of Virgia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. 

This cheesecake that Saoirse made was so good, that I almost begged her to scrap the gap year idea and run away with me.

I am such a proud mamma.

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