Thursday, October 05, 2017

Happy Birthday, Emmanuel!
I have gotten a little better at diplomacy and planning with the group. I decided not to go back to the house in Montecatini that is getting taken back by the bank and just have Emmanuel meet me at Peace's house. It is his birthday tomorrow, but we are going to be in Rome for T's second round of the SAT test. I wanted to make sure he got his coconut cake with a giant E for Emmanuel on it. I also asked him to deliver some baby clothes and toys for Freedom. It is not the deposit on the new house, but it is better than nothing, right? 

Emmanuel also asked me if I had heard from his lawyer because he thinks he is supposed to go in front of the Refugee Commission to hear if he can stay or if he is going to be deported. Hopefully, if his true story gets translated properly, he will have a better chance this time around. I have not heard from the lawyer, but I told him that if he tries to make contact first, I will still help translate his lawyer's instructions for him.

Peace is now mimicking everything everybody says from howreyou? and uncle! to somecake! She not only copies what people say in church on Sundays, but you can see from the video below that she has already learned to dance!

Out of all the toys and dresses that my friend Francesca donated to Peace, the favorite by far was the little Hello Kitty wallet pictured below. Tina loved it, too, and can't wait to go shopping at the supermarket so they can both use their pocketbooks at the real cash register.

Uncle Emmanuel and Peace

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