Friday, September 08, 2017

Into the Swing
We probably should have sent Gabry to the restaurant instead of Khadim. At the time we thought he was on his way to becoming the best taxi driver in Romania, but then even the mayor of his small town got in on shaking him down for more and more blackmail money for the bureaucratic part of his business. To top it off, some right wing journalist for the newspaper La Nazione put a full on photo of him on the cover to lead a story about street beggars. I wrote the chef, but I got no response.

Actually, I am wrong about the mayor. The mayor is now helping Gabry, but it is some police corporal that he has against him. Anyway, he just told me that his wife, who is as tall as T, only weighs 39 kilo and is in such frail health that he has to go back to care for his son while she goes into the hospital. It is terrible. 

Everybody in the group, aside from Paul, is still unemployed. Cool had no luck in Malta. And Jennifer is really sick of their house, which is still crawling with mosquitoes and has no hot working hot water heater for the winter. On the other hand, they definitely should have took the work offer I found for them at the beginning of the summer. It is till rough to see them and know that their life is so tenuous. They are used to it. That is the crazy thing. I have a lot to learn from them about enjoying all the good moments of life because they really seize them and they laugh, and they don't give up or lose hope.

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