Monday, July 03, 2017

Quiet update 
Cool called last week to say that he was going to Malta to look for work. I don't know where that leaves Jennifer's house search, but I haven't heard from her since he left. I hope he earns some rent money for all of their sakes.

Joshua called to say that he lost his phone with the lawyer's address and phone number in it. I have been secretly writing her each week to remind her of his existence and to try to get some advice for Tina about her passport. I told him it was his responsability, and it is; but, in the meantime, I continue to try to help a little behind the scenes.

Moro called to greet us. I took the chance to ask him about his status. I wanted to know if I had done the right thing sending Khadim instead of him for the job; and I did, in a certain sense because Moro doesn't have his stay permit yet and is, therefore, ineligible. He then blindsided me with a photo. It was of his little daughter, about Peace's age. Apparently, in May he found out she was dead. She fell ill and was gone in thee days' time in a  hospital in the Gambia. I can't imagine what it is like for him and the baby's mother to be separated at a time like this.

I tried to visit Peace twice last week, but Tina said she was going shopping for Nigerian products both times, once in Montecatini, once in Prato. I don't know if it is for her personal use or for a business venture. I haven't spoken with Emmanuel and I rarely speak to Job anymore. It is a little sad. 

We are still planning to take Jennifer and Tina and the babies to the Mary J Blige concert next week, and Courtney is scheming up ways to get a photo of them all together.  

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