Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tried to pull back, got sucked back in
This week a break did not happen.

I went to the new lawyers' studio for Ali. He had his criminal trial today because he got scared when four officers tried to handcuff him at the station, after he was taken in without any kind of resistance, for begging and not having the right stay permit. He did not know that his immigration case had reached the third level of appeal because the lawyer at the camp he had stayed at is not under any legal obligation to let him know. He could not read the letter that was handed to him by officers back in February because he can't read either English or Italian. I begged Ali's landlord to give him hospitality because he will be doomed without it. We still don't know what she will do. 

After the lawyers of Caritas refused to answer any of my inquiries about what they planned to do to help Tina out of her passport situation, we decided to hire a lawyer to try to resolve the situation for her. Out of courtesy, I very politely wrote Caritas to inform them. They, in turn, very politely told me they were parting roads with us. I kind of figured that out when you didn't take my calls for two months. Thanks, though.

Meanwhile F met with Emmanuel's chef who explained that Emmanuel was not a good worker because he moved like molasses. He gave us back our incentive money, and so it is really hard not to believe him and also think that he is a pretty sweet guy. My theory is that Emmanuel partly doesn't think that he deserves good things, and that was too many good things at once. Every time he got tense, he would self sabotage and do things like lose his documents. Paul would like to work for Emmanuel's chef because he seems like he would pay on time, but we don't want to piss off the chef where he works. F simply asked if this chef would let Paul come meet him on his day off and show him what he can do. If that doesn't happen quickly, though, he will lose any shot at getting Emmanuel's old apartment. Nothing is simple.

Then, the ever fabulous Anna Morelli wrote us that a chef in Puglia might be interested in hiring Cool and Job, both of whom were thinking to leave Italy in search of work in Germany or Malta. Obviously, Puglia is preferable because they can work legally there. We'll see what happens.

Courtney and I needed a change so she took me to get a lot of my hair chopped off for summer. It took forever, but the people at her salon in Viareggio are really talented; and it costs a fraction of what it should. Tomorrow we head to Florence so that T can take her SAT Subject tests. She is taking Italian and English Literature. I am taking Gelato and Probably Shopping. I hope I pass with honors.

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