Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Khadim called from the train station. 
He messaged from the train. 
He messaged when he was on the way to Bari overnight. 
He called at 6,19 this morning to ask where the heck he had to go to buy a ticket for the last leg of the trip to Putignano because we hadn't researched that part very well. He did figure it out, though. 

I messaged the chef as to his arrival time. 
The chef messaged me that he had some shopping to do in another city and that Khadim should wait another hour for him at the station to be picked up. 
I let Khadim know and suggested that he find some breakfast somewhere. 
Poor guy hardly slept all night with all those train changes. 

The chef messaged me that he had picked up the "ragazzo." To be fair Khadim looks 19 years old, even though he is really 30. He said he would let him rest after lunch before putting him to work. 

I told him I hoped everything would go well. 
He told me that he hoped so, too. 
Khadim hopes so too. 

But, mamma mia, Khadim was very responsible, responsive, and resourceful up to now. 
Promette bene. 

Thumbs up from the chef. Thumbs up from Khadim. 
Two thumbs up. 
I'm exhausted. 

The doctor told Jennifer to get tests from a lab, but the lab told her she could not have the appointment until October. She had to go back to the doctor to get a special request -- all before her big job interview this afternoon. 

The new lawyer never responded to any of my messages. I was concerned until I realized that I was texting a landline. Mannaggia a me

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