Friday, June 23, 2017

Real Talk
After feeling real dread about being Joshua's only link to legal counsel because I don't want the responsibility of his life on my conscience, I realized what I had to do. I gave him the lawyer's phone number and address and I explained to him what he had to do for himself. It turns out that he does not have a permesso di soggiorno/stay permit anymore not because it was sent to Genova, but because, I suspect, he has also lost, unbeknownst to him, his third level of appeal in his plea for political asylum. 

Later I bumped into him on the street. We had a very lovely and long conversation that took me by surprise.  I have had a negative impression him because sometimes he seems unreliable and Tina said that he showed up from the camps at their old house begging for shelter without any warning and without really helping them with rent. We have seen him walking around town some days talking to himself. I wasn't sure that he wasn't hearing voices.

 All I can say is that today he was very sweet. I explained about the promises I made to the group and that he is not in the group -- that it was a question of number and that it was nothing personal. He asked me what happened with Emmanuel. I explained that I still care about Emmanuel, but that I don't think that I could help him anymore with practical or emotional things for a series of reasons. He asked me if I would let him have Emmanuel's old job. I told him that my credibility with the chef is ruined, but, since he was very rational and logical about it, I gave him the address. I said that language problems aside, if I were him I would camp outside the lawyer's office and the restaurant. I told him I would try behaving in a dignified way while demonstrating that I would do my part, but that I needed help. I would offer to help the chef clean the floors or do little jobs for him for free each day to earn his trust. If I were him I would wait for the lawyer and ask for her help in person if I could not make myself understood on the phone.  He thought that was a good plan and said that he would try. He told me that he hoped that I understood that my reward for helping the group would come from God not from results. I told him my reward was that everyone was relatively well and better than they were before. I don't want anything else, but I also can't help them with big things anymore.

Jennifer called and told me that they found a new house and that she wants the rest of the money we put aside for her to use for the down payment, which is fine. I also went by the ticket office and found out that Wisdom and Peace can come to hear Mary J Blige; and I hope that it is not too loud for them because Tina and Jennifer do not want to leave them with babysitters or their husbands and so what else can we do?

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