Friday, June 09, 2017

Who knows if all the tourists who come to Lucca for the Summer Festival concerts would feel differently about coming if they knew that to prepare for their arrival the police/vigili/carbinieri are confiscating the documents of any known refugees that see on the streets and taking them away from their rightful owners. They use this document checking process to provoke refugees by then insisting that they go into squad cars or handcuffs -- all the while hoping that they will resist, thus justifying a criminal charge against them.

Cool's brother Ehis had this situation and refused to get into the car. He called me, so I had him run after the squad car. He eventually got his document back. Joshua was not so lucky. They took his document and sent it to Genoa. They claim it was his last address. In fact, it is very far from here, and it is the last address he used in order to file that he had lost his document one time. The address belonged to a pastor whose name and telephone number he no longer remembers. 

The lawyer who worked with me at Happy Gym is having dental surgery next week, and she told me that she cannot work on these complicated cases, and when pressed further, not even the simple ones. I asked her to forward Joshua's case to the other legal office we used for Ali. 

We called Job and Cool and strongly cautioned them to stop begging in Lucca until the Summer Festival is over, but we know that they will probably not heed our warnings. 

Now that we don't have a group lawyer anymore, I realized that I had to write one more letter to the lawyers at Caritas to ask for copies of the last stay permit applications that they did for group members because we may need to use them as models for future renewals. 

When the scaffolding goes up to create the main stage in piazza grande, the police go into full effect. It is like watching a trainwreck in progress. 

Given everything, it is even harder to accept that Cool and Job did not take the dishwashing opportunity. However, Khadim just called me terrified about going to an unknown place, and possibly losing his living situation here. It is rough. I can't guarantee him anything. The chef said their last dishwasher was happy working for them for three or four years and went on to better things. It is my greatest hope that it all works out for him. 

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