Wednesday, May 24, 2017

lawyered up  
We took Ali and Joshua and Tina and Peace to the lawyer that one of the donation givers told me about very near where we live. The name Micol is a little unusual, but I was still shocked that this Micol is the same one who was a teacher with me at Happy Gym when I first moved to Lucca. She was teaching fitness to earn money while she was studying law, I guess. Anyway, she is not only way nicer than any immigration lawyer we could dream to find for ourselves, but she is good friends with the lady who the court assigned to be Ali's lawyer. In fact, that lady was her teacher. She does not seem to have a ton of experience with the thorny legal questions that we brought her, but at least she is easy to speak with and will do her best to get some answers for us. 

It turns out that Tina does not hate me, but that she has not slept for three weeks because Peace has become a little night owl. I did the full circle move of ordering her the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book by Dr. Marc Weissbluth on amazon that saved my life when T was a baby. I am teaching her about sleep schedules. No wonder she is so tired, she does not put the baby to bed until midnight and then stays up from 2 AM until dawn with her. 

Today Peace looked totally happy, while Tina was falling over with exhaustion. She babbled through the whole lawyer's visit and showed off her new teeth. Peace also tried on Ali's hat. We thought she looked very hip hop.

I asked the chef how Emmanuel is doing at work and he did not respond. I am not going to read to much into it. Well, I am. But then I will try not to think about it. Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of F trying to be the cool prof as he went out for a beer with one of his favorite classes of English students.

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