Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What now?
As we were getting ready for dinner, Jennifer called. She was stuck in Rome. Apparently there is an Italian system whereby if you don't change your pre-paid train ticket an hour before departure, it expires on you. She did not have enough money for a new one. Baby Wisdom was with her, but he was the only one. The Nigerian embassy is kilometers from the train station, and you have to take a bus. The embassy told her to wait so that they could process her passport request. At 9:00 PM she was still waiting. Someone in that office gave her 27 euros to upgrade her ticket after we frantically attempted to send her a ticket through Whatsapp to her crappy, cell phone. That option is not available for all tickets, including the 10:30 PM train. It would have only worked for the midnight train. We tried to find a hotel for her and Wisdom for the night. The phone conversation was 80% of her panting and saying mamma mia over and over again, while we shouted at her over the noisy crowd of bus passengers. We probably sounded like the farm animals yelling instructions to Wilbur in Charlotte's Web, but none of us come out as very appealing in that metaphor so forget it. Although, it is not inaccurate. 

She got on that 10:30 train, upgraded her ticket and emojiied me that they got home in one piece at 3 AM.

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