Thursday, April 27, 2017

Out of the frying pan
Today I took a taxi work so that F could meet Emmanuel at the questura before 8 AM. They were first at the door. 
The inspector was there. Things were off to a good start. Then the grumpy, bald immigration agent, who was probably disappointed not to see me, sent them home to get a copy of the house contract. Then he told the guys that the inspector couldn't meet with them after all because he was too busy. F put up a good fight, but to no avail. He even had the lawyer plead for an appointment. The lawyer later told me that he was assured that he would fill out the form a week from today. That would only be fine if the chef was willing to wait.
In between lessons, I sent out a flurry of messages. We tried Courtney's school mom friend who works at the police station in Viareggio, but she couldn't help. Neither could my old Charlie's Angel, angel Anna Maria. She doesn't work in immigration anymore. I had to ask the chef for another extension so that we can get Emmanuel's paperwork in order. Then I confirmed the apartment for him with the lady in Viareggio, even though we don't know if this whole scheme is going to work.
Worst of all, the inspector asked us for a better copy of the hospitality letter, but, if we give him one, he will see that it is expired. That is why tonight I have to call Albania or Switzerland and offer to pay a month's rent for a house that Emmanuel is not going to live in so that she can sign a new hospitality letter. In Italy, that is just another day at the office, people. Don't get me started. 
If she agrees to free money, I then have to get her to a scanner. I don't think she owns one. Then I have to take the letter to a different police station to have it stamped. Then we have to bring that paper back to the original immigration office and finally get an official new start for Emmanuel. You can't make this up. One piece of paper stands between Emmanuel being deported and him having a new home that is official, if minuscule, and a real job, and a legal, albeit temporary, stay permit. 

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