Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fried and Fritta
 .. here's what I can tell you. The whole deal for Emmanuel is stalled.
The lawyers he has from Caritas here and the one he found when he was at the camp in the South don't agree on a strategy for him. The caritas lawyers don't think that a new request for Emmanuel for Italy's protection will be successful. Nor would they send the email called a PEC that he needs for me to accompany him to the police station to give his reasons for needing protection. Without the electronic communication from the part of the lawyer, it is useless for me to go there with my sloppy Italian and try to translate the story of why he really needs political asylum in Italy.
While I wasn't there for it myself, I can share F's recounting that Chef Torcigliani is every bit as sweet as we thought he was judging by his crinkly santa claus eyes. He was very kind to Emmanuel and even spoke to him in English. He said that his accountant would try to draw up a work contract. She was put off by the irregular look of Emmanual's stay permit, and was not sure how to proceed. I had no idea how to respond to her and I have to hope that Emmanuel's lawyer named Francesco can figure it out.
Stanley and his wife, who are of course not part of the group but part of Cool's family, called to ask for money to pay for the train to Rome to the Nigerian embassy because they need to get their Nigerian passports in order to stay in Italy. Plus, since, this nice woman Marina brought a car full of baby clothes from all the mothers at this elementary school in Lucca, we put the smallest stuff aside for baby Freedom.
Jennifer and Cool missed their appointment and wasted the money I gave them for their train tickets because they confused Wisdom's teething pain with something worse and went to the baby doctor instead. I am glad they are such caring parents, but I could have told you it was a teething related cough. 
The Caritas lawyers did say they would try to help Peace's mom with her passport issues so that she doesn't have to go back to Nigeria to ask for help from the embassy there, but Tina is terrified that she will be exposed in some way and regret not taking the situation into her own hands. 
Just now Francesco wrote me back. I had messaged him, saying, let's not give up, and he responded, I'm not giving up. He said he would try to get back to me tomorrow and I forwarded him the number of the chef's accountant, just in case. 
Our letter for the special accomodations we don't need from the SAT College Board was delivered on time; but, it's a week after our customer service request and we still don't know if the airbnb accomodation that I promised five girls from T's class in a crazy, excessive gesture of girly love is a real house or an attempt to defraud us. Several of the girls want to leave a week later than we originally discussed. And, by now, the pickings in the areas we wanted to go are very slim. 
I am fried like a bombolone:

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