Sunday, April 23, 2017

House Hunting on a dime

I know they say don't count your chickens before they're hatched, but we had to go find Emmanuel a place to sleep, in the event that his legal woes get solved and he can start work at the restaurant this week. 

Martina was my personal training client at the gym where I worked about four years ago. She was always nice, but she definitely seemed to think that paying for the sessions was half the battle to getting the results. Many times we just kind of chatted on the mats or she watched me do the exercises. Anyway, we remained friends on fb. We never called or messaged each other. Out of the blue, she called to ask what she could do to help the refugees in our group. She told me that she knew a man who owns a bar in Viareggio. He, in turn, knew of a lady with a room to rent. 

Flash foward to us waiting outside of the train station to pick up Emmanuel, whose train was running late. Then we got the address wrong, and when I called the house owner, she already seemed to be in a bad mood. Her tone on the phone could best be described as suspiscious. 

The room she has for rent has no kitchen and is right on a busy street in the middle of this bustling seaside town. When I say on the street, I mean you push open the door from the sidewalk and there is a bed. It is a popular area with tourists and so all the locals charge the most to spend even a night in a room, any room. Nevertheless, the room is clean and the water and electricity our included in the price. It is a straight shot of a ride on a bicycle from there to the restaurant. You can make it in 15 to 20 minutes. With a little convincing, she eventually agreed that she would sign a hospitality letter, which would be a great thing for Emmanuel to have, as it helps to legitimize him. 

I would say flash forward, but the lady, who seems to really be quite a sweet person, was unaffected by the fact that Emmanuel doesn't understand much Italian, and she kept us listening to stories for over an hour. Whatever floated her boat. We are supposed to touch base again on Wednesday night. Tomorrow it is back to the police station to try yet again to get Emmanuel a temporary document with which he can start work.

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