Friday, April 28, 2017

Disaster .. possibly woman-made
And I would be that woman. I got dropped off outside the police station in Montecatini. I was very early that no one else was there. An officer so handsome that he seemed like a model/actor playing the part of an officer locked eyes with me. The chemistry was undeniable. He let me into the inner sanctum, even though immigrant business is strictly outdoor and on-line and first come only. He made copies of some of the documents and told me that as soon as one of his immigration specializing colleagues arrived, they would take care of me. I felt almost smug. I ushered Emmanuel inside. 
I went in to meet with the immigration agent, and I was happy to see it was the same man who has helped me in the past. Or so I thought. In fact, it was not the same man. Therefore, when I said that we knew each other he got suspicious and decided that he was not going to help me. Leave it to me, to get Detective fu$king Columbo. He looked over all the papers, which I thought were in order; and then told me that since the owner of the apartment's name wasn't on the contract, I would need more permission letters and Identity documents from DeWill, the Nigerian guy who thinks we are white devils and is more paranoid than Melissa Ethridge after eating a pan and a half of pot brownies. Even if we could convince DeWill, Emmanuel mumbled to me that he is travelling and is currently in Verona, for some unknown reason. I had the lawyer talk to the agent, who was not swayed. The agent is named Antonio. Emmanuel and I engaged in some Nancy Drew like activities that turned up nothing at the house and so we have to wait on DeWill to come back. Or we have to try again in the two remaining business days before the appointment to determine Emmanuel's case with the inspector in Pistoia on an afternoon when Antonio is not there, and hope one of his colleagues will just stamp the paper without being such a hard ass about it. 
Emmanuel was sick and had not slept. He was coughing up phlem and I had to bring him to a pharmacy. He was in a full panic. I reassured him the best I could. I am too upset to actually cry. We don't know what will happen now. 

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