Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dinah, honey, sit down for this one

And all other readers might want to sit down for this one, too. This is some crazy crazy batshit crazy stuff I am about to tell you.

One. Emmanuel did an all night vigil at the church last night.

Two, I know from the naming ceremony that his name means Walks With God. 

My name is Brothers so I know what's up. This is how it went down:

I stayed up late last night waiting for the owner of Emmanuel's current place of residence to answer my pleas to write me a one line note, sign it, and send it back to me on her phone. She never answered me. She said she had to work until 11:30 PM. I waited. In the morning I check the phone and WhatsApp and the email. Nothing. I started coming up with schemes, but all of them seemed far fetched and desperate. Lots of them involved a stake out for DeWill on his return from Verona and how we would make him sign the forms and let us copy his documents. 

Today I gave birthday presents to Glory, the teenager who came here by herself, and is being supervised by The Red Cross. She had good news yesterday that she will soon be given a stay permit. We also made her cupcakes. Her favorite flavor is strawberry. 

Then Cool made me wait for him for 45 minutes because he had something urgent to talk to me about. It turned out he want 50 euros from the account we set up for him. 

Next we made our way to Montecatini where we dropped off a birthday cake F made for baby Wisdom with Jennifer who is planning a party for him tomorrow. 

Then we picked up Emmanuel. We had to wait for him to come out of the shower. All the men were in the bathroom because they had called for a barber to come and all the Nigerians were getting haircuts to look good for baby Jordan's African naming ceremony today. Jordan is the baby of Ezekiel and the Italian woman Alessia. 

Anyway, I played Mary J. Blige's What's the 411 for Emmanuel and we drove back to the same police station that rejected us yesterday. The plan was that I would wait in the car because when I am angry, I say stuff. And I was not in a patient mood today. I told F and Emmanuel to walk in and pretend that they had never been there before in their lives and look to see if the bastard from yesterday was lurking around. I told them to try to ask the female agent for help. Twenty seconds later I saw the guys walking back to the car. My heart dropped. Then F raised up a sheet of paper and smiled. The lady stamped that bad boy and we are golden. That is the last piece of paperwork we know about that we need for the meeting with the police inspector on Wednesday. 


Welcome Baby Jordan!

first glimpse

Next we went to the bar to celebrate the new baby. Alessia's family disowned her for being with Ezekiel, but everyone assumed we were Italian because we were the only white people in attendence at the only Dominican bar in Montecatini where the party was to take place. It was a little awkward during the ceremony. The pastor went on and on about a name is more important than money. He asked everyone what their name meant and was legitimately taken aback to find out that the mother of the baby's name was not Happy or Love or Sunday, but Alessia. He laughed it off, saying you really must love her then. It was weird. Then they translated the English into Italian for us, for some reason. Emmanuel found the whole thing very entertaining. 

Peace just kissed Freedom, I know, I know

Then Peace showed up, and I got my hugs in. And I felt hopeful for the first time in a long while.

Tina with Freedom and Peace

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