Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A Crisis or 11
We got a letter saying that the house I reserved for T and a possible crew of five girls from her school may not exist and that we may be victims of some kind of wrongdoing. There were no reviews of the fabulous and not too expensive house and the listing has since disappeared from the airbnb site. We are waiting for the results of their investigation. 

Group Vacation House meeting where I propose a possibly fictional stunning vacation home to four girls I hardly know. T is the one distancing herself from me and looking sceptical ...  

All of the boxes of bats have been given out. We can get a house for bats from the Italian home depot/Bricco, but then we have to have an "if we build it, they will come" mentality and hope that no one is too upset by the presence of bats if they do come. Except for the millions of mosquitoes that live at Cool and Jennifer's house. We hope those get eaten. 

my helpful student Emanuele sent me this ..

and this! In case, you were wondering what a bat house looks like.

F has to drive to Montecatni and Pescia while I am work tomorrow because there is a G7 conference beginning on Sunday and our whole city is going to be shut down. I have already warned all the refugees not to come in on those days, and I hope they listen. The police/vigili will be everywhere. I am anxious enough about when they check all of our documents, which are perfectly in order by the way. We have to park outside the walls and it is going to be very inconvenient. Jennifer needs money for her passport, Tina needs a laundry line to hang her clothing on, Job nees a bicycle to get around on, Freedom's mom needs laundry soap, Gabry needs money to buy his dream taxi cab. It is A LOT. Did I mention the bat house? Because they need that, too. 

We missed the deadline to register T's insulin pump with the SAT board and so now we must return to New York for her to take the test in August. Also in order for her to take the subject SAT test which she needs to get into college, we have to get the permission forms into them by April 14th and today is April 4th. Total panic because the mail service is not dependable here and they refuse to email us the forms or do anything remotely modern or helpful for us. Hopefully, my mother can save the day by receiving the mail at her house. It could not be more stressful. 

I wrote to the lady suggested by my ex student from Brooks Running Company who looks like princess Grace of Monaco and has pictures on FB of herself participating in some charitable activities in Africa with children because I need to make contact with an Italian Rotary Club member in order to qualify our group for aid from an American Rotary Club, but she has not responded to my messages. Courtney and I have decided that we either want her to take us shopping, give us all her old clothing, adopt us, or just let us stalk her. If that is not too creepy. Please call me! If that is not too desperate. It is only thirty thousand dollars or so on the line here. .

We did not hear back from the chef in Camaiore about whether he will hire Job, Emmanuel, or Cool. 

I wish I were:

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