Monday, March 06, 2017

Today, finally, was full of PEACE  
We saw Paul this morning. The clothes from Geraldine fit him perfectly and the donation from Donna made it possible for him to pay his light bill, since he hasn't been paid in a while. He is doing pretty well, but I was sad to hear that a guy at his work is really kind of bullying and baiting him to try and get him to lose his temper. The other guy wants to bring his brother in and would like him to have Paul's spot at the restaurant. Paul had been happy to see another foreign guy in the kitchen, but it was quickly apparent to him that there was no way to forge a friendship. We gave him a pep talk and we took this photo to show Donna.


Paul & me

Then the lovely and talented Elisabetta brought her family by with some donations for the group, which gave me a perfect excuse for a visit with Miss Peace. A special thanks to Elisabetta's little son, I think he is 5, who gave away his toys to babies who don't have any of their own.

I also heard from Emmanuel who is doing better today. We also dropped off toys for Wisdom and clothes for his mom Jennifer thanks to donations from Kerri, who I had never even met before.

Try on time

squoosh face

Catching up with Peacey

Tina looking great in her new sweater

my little light

I just can't

smile of 2017

Peace, I love you.

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