Sunday, March 26, 2017

Team spirit  
I feel pretty guilty for saying that we did not have a team of angels because this week Marina gave Peace luxury baby clothes; Brooke gave summer clothes to the adults; Simonetta gave baby food to the babies; Courtney brought groceries to the families; Courtney's father proposed that I apply for a grant from his rotary club and is helping us with lots of advice and contacts; Courtney's mom is the one who came through with money for Jennifer's passport, Donna gave some financial support to Paul who hasn't been paid in over a month: and so we are hardly working alone. In fact, you can hear the wind tunnel made by the beating of all their wings. 
To prove my point, here are some photos of Peace repaying Courtney with some actual baby kisses-- the first that I know of that she has offered to the world at large: 
adoring gaze
I can share ..
although this was a bit romantical ..
and we won't even talk about this deliciousness
In a further show of universal justice, F and I went to the mall in Prato instead of the courthouse in Firenze because I did indeed receive a telegram from the fancy gym demonstrating that my testimony was not called for, as they had settled with the tax office out of court. 
Plus, all of my and F's students passed their TRINITY English exams with flying colors thanks to their excellent level of preparation, and our bosses are super happy with us. Until we do some stupid shit like not fill out the attendence books perfectly or mess up the accounting of our hours next week. But still. They really, really like us.

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