Thursday, March 02, 2017

And the award goes to ..
Is it just me, or is the world getting so weird?

Not to make Tuscany sound unromantic or anything, but it feels like all of Lucca has been under a giant wave of snot this week. 

We went to Paul's house on Monday because the American woman never came back to her apartment, so he is staying there rent free for now. The caveat is that there hasn't been any heat. He didn't want any problems so he never did anything about it. He has been using that thermal jumpsuit I bought him as pajamas. Hopefully, he washes it every so often. Strangely enough, he has had hot water. Finally, I put my foot down. We joined the technician and his assistant and found out it was just an electrical problem you could fix by pushing two wires together. F went to the Brico center and bought a thermosofone cover, and now the whole thing is resolved. Added bonus: the technician just took twenty euros for his trouble and the assistant loved my New York handshake as we said thanks and goodbye. 

Peace's mamma was going to come visit me this week, but then she remembered that Peace needs a routine baby vaccine this week and it makes her fussy. I gave her some lovely clothes for Spring from this woman Kerri who is moving out of Lucca, and she was thrilled. Those are for me! she laughed on the phone. Anyway, she also asked for some of the money we set aside for her. She is having her sister invest in some Nigerian beauty products that she can sell to other refugees here for a profit. We think it is an awesome idea. Wisdom's mamma wants to do the same thing, but with Nigerian clothing. 

Anna Morelli came through for us, yet again. She said we can call a chef friend of hers in two weeks to talk about hiring for the two restaurants he is opening up this summer. The problem is that the location is more than 35 minutes from Lucca and the trains will have stopped running after the restaurant closes for the evening. It is fine for Emmanuel, who did really well at his Italian lesson this week, btw! However, for Peace's and Wisdom's fathers it might be rough because they would have to move their whole families or only see their families once a week. At least, it is something. We'll have to see how the meeting goes and if anything comes of it. 

Despite the court ruling in favor of not forcing refugees to have a passport from their home countries in order to renew their stay permits, the police station local immigration offices are continuing to insist that they must produce the passports. The lawyers haven't returned any of my messages about this. Now in addition to clenching my teeth at night, I also twist my fingers, and jam my eye sockets into the pillow so that I look like I have gone a few rounds with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy when I get up every morning.

I wish I had pictures for you, but you know .. snot .. swelling .. lack of cute babies .. it's not a good equation. Stay tuned ...

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