Saturday, March 11, 2017

A baby convention  
Today we took board books and diapers and some groceries around to baby Freedom's, Wisdom's, and Peace's houses. Freedom's mom had called in the morning to say they had no food in their house. We had two special guests. One was Stefania, who is from New York originally and who I met through the piccoli aiutanti group when her kids helped to make Christmas presents for the refugees. The other one was her friend Theresa, who is a researcher from Pace University who volunteers as an advocate for refugee children to help them make strides in getting access to education. She travels quite a lot and reports her research to various international ministries to give them feedback about what they are doing well and where they could stand to make improvements. She is a very calm presence and is providing a very valuable service to the world. The mammas were more tense than usual because of the whole passport situation, but they are really good at managing stress and stressful situations. I am trying to learn from them. 

Theresa and Freedom

Freedom is getting big - over 2 months old now!

Stefania with Freedom and family

Wisdom and Mamma Wisdom

Peace stealing the show
grandma time

grandpa time

Stefania and Peace

talking teething

This was a serious moment in the conversation, but it makes me laugh if you zoom in on Peace's facial expression -- Emma Stone had that same look at the end of the last of 50 interviews to promote her movie. Call my Uber! 

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