Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Two Valentines  
Today I received two Valentine's day presents.
One from my very sweet husband ...
from F
And one from my very sweet refugee lawyer at Caritas. Upon opening my eyes this morning, I received a message with a link to this article:
from my lawyer (and I thought she didn't love me!)
Basically, it says that African refugees no longer have to show a passport from their country of origin, according to a new legal decision from a judge in Palermo. Bravo to the judge for realizing that if a refugee flees a country and its government, it is then very awkward for them to have to then ask their embassy for a favor. I know you are a corrupt country that is filled with famine and murderous gangs, but can I get a passport? Yeah, that didn't make a lot of sense. I am thrilled that Freedom's mamma won't have to make the trip down to Rome and even more thrilled that Peace's mamma won't have to risk everything returning to Nigeria just to beg for a passport.
Happy Valentine's Day to all of us (please include yourself, dear reader!) !!

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