Monday, February 06, 2017

Stops and Starts  
Today we woke up at the crack of crack to take baby Freedom and his parents to the Caritas lawyers to get the baby a permesso di soggiorno. The lovely brother and sister lawyer dynamo legal team had bad news for us. Since Mamma Freedom's Nigerian passport expired she will have to get a new one, and ask for one for the baby while she is at it, before she can go to the police station/questura to hand in her stay permit application. This will cost upwards from three hundred euro. It makes no sense. Why should refugees have to show valid passports from the country that they are fleeing? Also the Nigerian embassy is corrupt and you have to pay all kinds of money to get them to do anything. In addition, they make Nigerians come twice for passports: once to be finger printed and once to pick up. That means double the amount of train tickets to Rome with the new baby. Luckily, we have some donation money for them. 
I followed up on a lead for rooms for rent for Paul. I was afraid the person who placed the ad would not rent to Africans. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that the person is American and that I have met her before! She has no problems with renting to Africans. We have an appointment on Thursday. 
Here I am, looking ragged and grim.
And also yay for The New York Times because we think they will consider the group of six for an article that might be published this Spring. I am sorry I doubted you.
The adventure will continue on Wednesday with Emmanuel's stay permit appointment. . .

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