Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday check-in  
Today we made the rounds in Montecatini to check on all the group members possible.
We started at Stanley, Tina, and Emmanuel's place. Stanley had asked F to make him some CVs/Job resumes, which he did. I included the print out of the newspaper article that shows that they don't need a Nigerian passport to get baby Freedom's stay permit. I also gave Mamma Freedom some women's pajamas from Geraldine, the South African lady who often gathers clothes and things and distributes them, plus a toy for Freedom, and some hand knit baby booties. Emmanuel asked us to give him a ride to Pescia with a woman that turned out to be their sister. She was adorable. Her name is Happiness. 
Mamma & Baby Freedom
We all stopped off at Jennifer's house. Jennifer was feeding a room full of men, as usual. We surprised her with a coconut birthday cake. I found out from her documents when her birthday is. Cool seemed surprised when I asked him what flavor she liked in cakes. A lot of refugees don't know their real birthdays, but, anyway, let's say it was her birthday. She seemed pleased. Baby Wisdom was as covered with baby snot as an infant could be. We couldn't even photograph him. I brought him some soap bubbles and a wand. And then I placed the bubbles container in the mystified hands of whichever man that was who was watching him, while Jennifer took care of her pot on the stove. We dropped off a few men's suits for whomever fit them and a scarf for Jennifer. 
Happiness makes 3!
Then we drove the rest of the way to baby Peace's house. Emmanuel was cheery in the car, but very down once we got out. He said that his and Job's real mother did not take care of them. The woman who took them in died recently and her biological children are very impoverished. They have been calling him every day, begging for money for the funeral expenses. Apparently, funerals are very lavish in Nigeria. Emmanuel asked if he and Job could spend a huge amount of the money that we set aside for him and his son for this funeral. I told him that it is his decision to make, but I worry that he will be taking food out of his son's mouth to feed others. I felt badly saying it, but that blessing of a woman is gone now, and his son is still here. Again, he has to decide. 
It's too much cute for one human, right?
Peace's mamma asked us to take her to the supermarket. Peace has started on formula and baby rice and she was out of diapers. We are teaching the group budgeting so she had to pay for her groceries, but a few packs of diapers and some menstrual pads fell into the basket that we paid for. She laughed when I pulled things off the shelves into the basket, and then said, oops, as though they had fallen in by accident. F paid for our portion of the groceries in the auto pay area where you swipe a card. Tina and I had to get into a regular line and wait. People could not have looked at us more strangely if we had three heads a piece. Who knows what they thought. . . I don't even want to know. While we were paying, F got taken aside by some of the supermarket employees. They handed him a large wooden crate. Wouldn't you know it? He won some grand prize. So in the end, the whole group got a bunch of extra groceries and will eat well tonight! That was a nice way to end things. Of course, I told Tina to tell Job to see if he couldn't lift Emmanuel's spirits and to share the effervescent kind of cold medicine I got her with him, too.

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