Saturday, February 04, 2017

Etsy, Books, and other big ideas  
F dropped me off at Peace's house while he did a donation run and dropped off clothes for baby Wisdom, a sleep suit and a light up entertainment center for baby Freedom and a bathroom mirror cabinet from Ikea for Mamma Peace. Peace had a mighty bad cold, so Tina and I used saline spray and those little suction cup nose cleaners to give her some relief. Tina was making me laugh because she kept telling Peace that she was sorry, so sorry her little nose was broken. We are lucky it wasn't broken for real, because Peace forgot to tell her folks that she learned how to roll over and she rolled right off their super high bed into a crack between the bed and the window sill. Tina woke up and heard screaming, but couldn't locate the baby. Job insists that Peace jabbered the whole story to him in baby talk and kept gesturing at the crack like she still was mad at it. 

Anyway, Peace and I had some time to chat while her mom got some errands done around the house. 

F had this genius idea about opening an Etsy store with Nigerian artisan products in it. Job was super enthusiastic about it. It seems that four days ago he went to the train station in Pescia to meet Tina and the baby when police started questioning him. They asked to see his documents and how long he had been in Italy. They were upset with his answer that he had been in Italy for almost seven years, but was still unemployed. They brought him back to the station and strip searched him. When they didn't find anything, they told him they were sorry but that they had reports to search for a suspect in the area. They made him sign a form, which he refused to do until they found an English translation (bravo!), that said they had not found anything on him. 

Jennifer said she would prefer to work as a house cleaner because Nigerian fabrics are costly in Italy, but I told her about wholesale fabric shopping and she said she would think about it. As we have had no leads with other types of jobs, we thought maybe there was a way for them to work for themselves. 

I all the sudden realized that none of the babies have books, so we have to do something about that right away. 

As stressed as I am about their situation, I have never seen Mamma Peace happier. She loves the new apartment and being a mom. She was worried about how Peace might be treated in Italian daycare, and so she was also excited about the idea of selling Nigerian jewelry or cosmetics and other things either door to door Avon lady style or over the internet. We'll see ...

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