Monday, January 23, 2017

Will you still be ..  
Tonight we brought all of F's Nigerian cooking in aluminum trays to Peace's family's house in Pescia.

We picked up Paul, Cool, Jennifer, and Wisdom in Montecatini. Emmanuel took the train and met us there. After the food was reheated and served, and the movie Queen of Katwe was loaded from our key onto the television through the computer, it was time to have the dreaded meeting. We explained exactly how much money we had left for each person, and recommended that they start budgeting wisely. A big, heated conversation broke out in Nigerian. F asked the group if they had any questions. Job said, I have a question. Everything with the money is okay.  We appreciate everything you have done for us. My question is, when the money is gone, will you still be our mother? . . and father? There was a collective holding of breath. 

We said, Yes, of course. 

Job said, Okay then. As long as the relationship will remain, we are okay. 

So that killed me.

Cool said that it was the responsible thing to do, and that I should have given them a number sooner, so I would not put my own family in jeopardy.

They liked the movie. Even though none of them has ever heard of chess, and did not understand the title of the film. They wanted to know about the queen. 


Queen of Katwe


Emmanuel forgot to bring the court papers, so he will have to meet F at the train station in the morning. He has no money on his phone. 

Uncle Paul

Paul asked us about how America ended up with a president that they didn't want. He was sad as we are to see Obama go. 

Anna had the flu and couldn't come. We hope she will make it next time.

play nice!

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