Sunday, January 15, 2017

Moving Again  
Today F met Eltion at the Brico which is like the Italian Home Depot to get kitchen pipes for Job and Tina's new house. They also moved the furniture from Montecatini to Pescia. 

Job and Emmanuel putting up the curtains


I had to meet with the family of a new student, but afterwards F picked me up, and we scooped up Tina and baby Peace to buy a rug from a Nigerian shop. The guy would not bargain at all. We had to pay full price for it and tie it to the roof of the car.

 Then we went to IKEA an hour before closing time. Peace decided she was going to cry her face off because she got hungry and was overtired. We had to pull over on the edge of the highway for Tina to nurse her. She rode on Tina's back through the whole IKEA in Florence. Tina looked at every wardrobe and frowned. Her dream was to have three doors and two closet rods so that she and Job wouldn't fight over closet space. F is such an IKEA pro by now that he found a way to save money by combining all of the Swedish parts from like six different model wardrobes. We then tied that to the roof and set out to the new place. When we got there Emmanuel told me that he doesn't sleep anymore from fear of being deported and not getting to get to be with his son outside of Nigeria. He still won't tell me why he wants to stay in the old house, which no longer has working heat, instead of moving to Pescia, where Job will need to get roommates to afford the rent by anyway. Begging for a full day who don't make much more than 20 euros, so it takes teamwork. 

those cheeks, though!

I had a really unpleasant phone call from Stanley, baby Freedom's father. He told me that I had to pay for him to move to Tina and Job's old house; but that it was not good enough for him anyway; after all Tina and Job are leaving it; and he wanted to follow my instructions but. . . I stopped him right there. I had to explain that he is not part of the group of six. His brother Cool is. Cool has to decide how to share what he has between all his brothers. I also told him that any economic help we dole out does not come with instructions. We might offer some advice, but they are grown adults and can take it or not. He hung up on me. I feel really badly that we can't help everyone, but this group was really supposed to be a way for us to offer primarily translation help and access to lawyers and doctors, when possible. We have ended up spending a lot of money on folks, and sometimes we have to say no.

While we were at IKEA, Jennifer called to say Wisdom was sick. I asked if he had been to the doctor, and she said yes. She said that there were medicines to buy. She called after all regular pharmacies are closed and we were not in her city. Cool called soon after to say Wisdom had a fever. His precise words were that he was burning up. I told them to text me the names of the medicines, so that we could go to the 24 hour pharmacy. Jennifer said, give me 30 euros because Cool's brother has gone to the pharmacy already. Then she, too, hung up on me. By this point, between us F and I didn't have twenty cents in our pockets, as I gave our last 20 cents to the parking attendant at IKEA to make sure we weren't going to die by means of falling wardrobe on the way home.

The night before, we went to T's class' exhibition on madness in art and literature. T did the music soundtrack to the exhibition, and the music -- Bowie, the Ramones, Joy Division, Pink Floyd, Madness -- was the best part. It was part of the notte bianca, when the school stays open until midnight and all the kids do shows and tours, some of them in medieval garb. 

T's school is so weird

This guy was going on about rules and timetables, but I got him to escort me to the classroom anyhow. It told him it was very cavaliere of him! My bilingual jokes slay me!

me embarrassing T

I got F to photoshop the above photo. T did not appreciate our sense of humor. At all. So I sent it to F's student Giacomo, who is a boy in her class. I forgot they had school on Saturday for a moment. He announced proudly, "T's mom is sending me photos!" Aint I a stinker?

Life can't get any weirder for us . ..

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