Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I hear you
I'm sorry for the lack of photos this week. While I haven't physically been in the same room with the group of six, I have been telephonically glued to them, almost constantly. 

Number one on the agenda was getting Emmanuel's public defender, not to be confused with his other three lawyers, to pick up the phone. The other three lawywers told me that only this lady, let's call her Antonacci because um that's her name, had to handle this case against Emmanuel because her name is on the accusation against him as his court appointed advocate. I tried not to bother her. I emailed her. Twice. When that failed, I texted. When that failed, I had Emmanuel and Job call her. She told them to call one of his other lawyers. Then I called her and she told me she couldn't talk. Then I called her again and she said she wasn't the right person, and she kept saying that until she, herself, the very same Antonacci, realized that she was the right person. I got an appointment time with her after a prolonged negotiation between both of our calendars. Just when I was getting ready to celebrate, and after two lengthy phone calls with Job and Emmanuel to explain what had gone down, she called me again. Mannaggia!

It turns out that what happened a year ago, my young Sherlocks, was that Emmanuel was asked for his document by some police. He gave it to them, but said that he didn't understand or speak Italian. The police then saw it fit to charge him with not having a document, despite the fact that he had handed them his stay permit document, and then told him not to come back to Lucca for one year. Since Emmanuel doesn't read Italian, he did not realize, and neither did we, that the accusation against him was not a real order to stay out of Lucca. Those exist for sure, as Job once received one, but this was just a pretend order. Therefore Emmanuel has been afraid of violating that order and has not entered Lucca for one year for nothing. The lawyer then cancelled our appointment, explaining to me that the case against him will not get before a judge for another year or two. There is nothing she can do until that time. If he had a notice banning him from Lucca, she could have cleared that, but none of us see any evidence that there ever was such an official decree in writing. 

We had a similiar close call on Sunday afternoon when the police officer telephoned us from the Montecatini police station to figure out how to fill in the paperwork showing that Emmanuel had declared his loss of his temporary stay permit, which he left on the train. Luckily we were able to send her our scanned copies of all his previous documents and impress on her that he is not alone. He has back-up. Ironically, Emmanuel left his bag on the train because of his exhaustion and hunger levels and his desire not to bother me for money. It was tough going to explain to him that this is much more of a bother; that I have money set aside for him to draw from for just this scenario; and that the fanny pack I bought him for his documents is not a fashionn accessory. But Iove Emmanuel. I really really do. Sfigato as he may be.

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