Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Half a Post
Why should you get a whole post, when we can't get anything all the way done? Just kidding, but also not.
I have told you about the minimum two time rule, that in Italy you must go back a minimum of two times to any given office to get any bureaucratic thing done. I don't mean this is a gross frat boy way, but, here, no does not always mean no.

That said, Emmanuel got credit for showing up at his appointment at the questura/police station, but he has to keep another appointment next month before they will fingerprint him and give him a stay permit. Meanwhile, the judge has not entered a sentence so we don't know for how long or if he will ever have international protection. In essence, the police officers got homemade gorgonzola bread as a Pavlovian sense memory treat so that they will remember us next time we come and need a favor. 

Our car got half fixed. The mechanics said that they would fix it tomorrow. 

Our hot water heater got half fixed. The plumber said he would come back next week with the right tools and parts. I know that sounds like a porno. 

My lessons at the paper company got half done. I still have another full day tomorrow. Today I yelled at a man because he said that knowing how to use commas in English would not dramatically change his life. Um menopause. 

Tina has me so stressed about how she can't move to the new apartment in Pescia without a wardrobe being in place before Saturday that I actually pulled several muscles in my chest. 

And also, 

hee hee.

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