Friday, January 13, 2017

Faith restored, along with Peace, Wisdom, and Freedom
This week, to recap for those just joining us in 2017, we helped Emmanuel keep his appointment at the police station to renew his permesso. My dream will always be to reunite Emmanuel with his five year old son Precious who he left in Nigeria, not knowing that his pregnant wife would die just as he got on the boat.
We helped Cool renew his permesso, paid the fees, which are crazy high for a refugee with no job to manage on his own. We also paid to renew his passport. We also paid off many months of electric bills because he is trying to care for not just his wife and child, but those of his four brothers who he feels responsible for because he had encouraged them to follow him from Nigeria to Tuscany.
Wisdom driving his Christmas present!
Cool's wife Jennifer
It turns out we are also helping Eltion, our fix-it man, who is from Albania, because he is also an immigrant with great economic difficulties, because even though he isn't cheap, he does answer the call and have a lot of skilled friends from plumbers to electricians to heater repair people. 
We are furnishing and moving the new apartment for Job, and Tina, and baby Peace tomorrow. 
Tina and Peace
We are going to pay the deposit for a new apartment for Paul, if he can ever get his work contract renewed, and manages to find a cheap place near the restaurant, where we found him a job washing dishes. He is going to get kicked out of his current place when the American who owns it returns. Meanwhile, he has no heat other than a space heater we found him. He washes by boiling water on the stove. This week I ordered him one of those heat retaining, waterproof jumpsuits. He is very sick with a chest cold. I have taught the whole group my remedy of apple cider vinegar with honey in hot tea to clear them up until we can get them all to the doctor.
My faith is restored in humanity because my landlord acknowledged that I should not have been threatened by the hot water repair guys the first time around, and the new technicians, a plumber and a heater guy who have been friends for twenty years, backed up my story about how awful the guys from that other company are. That said, the only way to stop our heat from going out was to put a plastic canister under the heater to catch the acid drip which was turning back on itself and blowing out the pilot light every week or so for the last year. As a New Yorker who does not understand medieval heating systems -- this was paramount to the moment in a Scooby Doo cartoon when the crazy kids pull the ghost mask off the bad guy at the end of the episode. Phhheww!
I am. p.s. so tired, that my eye lashes hurt when I blink. But at least I know that we are fighting the good fight for ...
FREEDOM I will say it again, why the ca--o/f--k do these good people have to suffer the indignity of living outside the law when they are not clandestine immigrants and they were given stay permits? Why do they have to beg on the streets to survive? It makes no damn sense.

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