Sunday, January 22, 2017

We tried to see if we could get anybody else pitch in to help, at least the kids, get food, medicine, clothing and meet their daily needs. We got three whole positive responses. THREE. So, nope.

P.S. I treated Stanley to coffee at the bar downstairs yesterday, and heard him out. It came out that they may have found a bed from someone else, but didn't tell me, even though I was continuing to put a lot of time into trying to locate one for them. I gave him the landlord's phone number of the apartment he is thinking about moving to temporarily, and I encouraged him to get her blessing and to encourage her to replace the hot water heater in exchange for his promise to faithfully pay the rent. I found someone who has a refrigerator to donate and F got them a space heater, in case of emergencies.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our group meeting where I have to tell our group that after they spend up the money we can afford to give each of them for the year, we can't afford to pay their bills for them anymore by ourselves. I am praying that Anna Morelli comes to meet them, and gets inspired to help them find restaurant work. Meanwhile F has prepared Jollof rice, peanut soup, coconut candy, and a bunch of other Nigerian delicacies to take to sweeten the conversation as much as possible. I am dreading it, but I know it needs to be done.

The request reads: These angel babies need #angels! Their names are Wisdom, Peace, Freedom, and Precious. 

Their parents left desperate living conditions and risked everything to have a chance at having the same things we all want from life. Here, they have permission to stay, but nothing else. Apart from the camps they entered when they first got off the boats, they have not been given significant assistance of any kind. They came before Italy was ready for them. No charity has offered to house, feed, teach, or train them, and the current laws prevent them from being afforded the same help that new arrivals currently receive.

Precious is living in Nigeria because, while Precious' father made it here, his pregnant mother died after his father got on the boat. He is being raised by his aunt and uncle, but he wants his father. His aunt and uncle have several other children and very little resources to spare. Wisdom, Peace, and Freedom were all born here. Peace is the only girl of the group. 

Please message us to sponsor one of these babies with as little as one euro/one dollar a week. If you don't know us and want assurance that the money is going to the right place, you can confirm with the Italian post office that their parents are the recipients of the money attached to the postal accounts. Only they can access the accounts with their identity documents. When you alert us that you want to pledge, we will give you a postal account number with which to do so.  

Questi bambini hanno bisogno degli angeli. I loro nomi sono Wisdom, Peace, Freedom e Precious. I loro genitori hanno lasciato condizioni di vita disumane e hanno rischiato tutto per cercare ciò che vogliamo tutti dalla vita. Qui hanno solamente permessi di soggiorno. Sono venuti prima che l'Italia fosse pronta per loro. Nessun ente di beneficenza ha offerto di ospitargli in una casa permanente, dargli abbastanza da mangiare o istruirli e le leggi odierne vietano a loro di ricevere lo stesso aiuto che i nuovi arrivati ricevono.

Precious abita in Nigeria, anche se suo padre sta qua, perché sua madre (incinta) è morta dopo la partenza del marito. Resta con I suoi zii  ma lui vuole suo padre e loro hanno altri figli e poche risorse. Wisdom, Peace e Freedom sono tutti nati qua. Peace è l'unica femmina del gruppo.

Vi prego di mandarci un messaggio per sponsorizzare uno di questi bambini. Basta un solo euro alla settimana. Se non ci conoscete e vorreste assicurarti che i soldi vanno alle persone giuste, potete confermare con la posta che i genitori di questi bambini siano i destinatari dei soldi. Solo loro potranno accedere a questi conti con i loro documenti. Quando ci avvisate che vorreste prendere questo impegno, vi daremo un numero del conto postale.

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