Thursday, January 26, 2017

Angels do exist, though
I admit it. I felt guilty about not meeting Stanley and Mamma Freedom's requests for their new, temporary, completely illegal house. Some incredibly generous women donated money, one of them happens to be my friend Courtney's mom Dinah, and so we got something done. With the help of Eltion, the man with a van, my favorite Albanian -- I'm sorry I wrote that he was Romanian, that was incorrect -- and his band of construction specialists, a refrigerator was delivered from Vanessa's house in Lucca to Montecatini, and two problems were identified with the heater. Vanessa was also great and saved the day with the fridge donation. I guess all the money we paid to other people in the past for that heater was for nothing. I need to get certified in plumbing and water heater repair, but that is not really in my wheelhouse.

It all went down in the ten minutes in which I was supposed to be leaving for work at Fabio Perini, the converter machinery company, where I am teaching English and causing people to either love or hate me. I would say it is 80/40 at the moment. It was the fastest texting I have ever done, and my texting speed is legendary in its slowness on the whole, according to our in house teen expert. Eltion said it was within the hour or in six days' time. Those were the only choices for getting the new baby to have a house with heat and hot water in January. 

In those same ten minutes, I found out from a lawyer that Emmanuel's legal situation is looking pretty dire. The only way to get him reunited with his son will be find him a job and teach him Italian in the next few months. Or else. I also can't get his public defender to clear his ban from entering Lucca that he got by begging on the streets to survive. If he can't come to Lucca, it will be hard to give him Italian lessons. It will be hard to give him Italian lessons because I suspect that he can't read, in any case.

And I still got to work on time. Frazzled, but on time.

Cool also had bad luck at the police station. Even though the lawyer told him not to get a Nigerian passport because it would look like he did not need Italy's protection if he was able to get things like a passport from the Nigerian embassy, the police told him that he couldn't renew his stay permit without it.  Cool was told that the Nigerian embassy is not giving out the passport books themselves to any Nigerians at this time, so now he has to wait. He also risks not having the right documents if the police frisk him or demand to see his stay permit in the meantime. 

Then I taught seven and a half hours straight with no breaks and then came home.

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