Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ten seconds flat  
Several things about giving the Christmas presents to the refugees who are staying the tents of the Red Cross in Lucca were very emotional for us tonight. First of all, Moro, who moved out of the tents to a group home today, is the sweetest man. We met him that day when we were giving out shoes and he had none. He traveled a chilometer with his friend to come back to the tents to help us. He didn't take anything for himself. And he broke up several fights during the crazy, grab for all, which F assures me is inevitable and happened even at the NY Cares Coat drive every year. After it was all said and done, I wanted to give him a ride home. He had brought his bike, but I hadn't realized it was parked right there, so I had him get into the car and took advantage of the fact that he was in close proximity to shake his hand while all the other men surrounded the car and watched us in the back seat. Little did they know that I am a real New Yorker, so it thrilled me to see his eyes widen when he realized that I had a twenty euro note concealed inside my palm.
full car
wheeling and dealing
a scarf for everyone
Moro (on the right)
nice guys
Ecco fatto!
Despite a few arguments and a few moments where I had to put my body in between people to stop them from getting physical with one another, the whole crowd got silent when I explained that the scarves -- of which, Thank God, there was enough for everybody -- had been made by little children in Italy who were wishing them well. 
The women were quite fashion conscious and rejected the same shit that you or I would have rejected and that was totally cool; we just put the rejected stuff in the yellow collection bins on the way home. 
It is a great relief to have this done. Also we can walk through our house now. They made us promise to come back and said that next time we should force the crowd to make an orderly line .. but, of course, that would only work if you have equally good stuff for everyone, so that has to be our goal. Happy Holidays and God Bless Everyone!

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