Monday, December 19, 2016

Starting small  
Today I went to the Senza Zaino school with my friend Elisabetta Nannizzi whose third grade students made scarves and cards for the African refugees in Lucca. She had me give a little speech about why what they did was so special. . . in Italian! I was really moved by the fact that even though they were going crazy when we first entered the room, they really paid attention when it came to this subject. The teacher who was in charge when we walked in said that she was so fed up that she was about to go out of her mind. Thank goodness that her vacation is coming up just around the corner. Elisabetta brought her little son Umberto who was home with a stomach ache that had miraculously passed once he got to stay home. He is the class pet. Many moms also helped to prepare the scarves for this project. The people who helped were really good hearted, but they told me that there are still some families who do not view the refugees in a good light and that, therefore, they felt it was important to reach out to the kids at this age. 

The classroom when I first entered ..

super cuties

the scarves!

Umberto! (He is adorable and he told his mother he had fallen in love with me!)

class photo

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