Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Squad Goals
For my birthday we watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and I discovered that my very favorite thing is Oreos buried in whipped cream

Our mission today was to make a construction team out of my Romanian angel man Eltion (remember when I went around calling him Elpion? Well, that was wrong) and Ezekiel. If you don't remember Ezekiel he is a guy who went to prison for begging on the streets when his permesso di soggiorno was expired. Since then he has had the good fortune to marry an Italian woman named Alessia and they are expecting a baby in March. He is a very sweet guy. And he knows how to fix stuff. My idea is that because Eltion has his own team, including this sweet little Sicilian guy named Nino, a truck, a certificate, and tools, he could team up with Ezekiel who has access to all the African people's houses in Montecatini. It worked wonderfully. 

new livingroom

new kitchen

new bathroom

We took Job and Ezekiel in our car to Job's new house that was paid for with the donation my mom left for them. It is actually a beautiful space. It just needs a little work. We got an estimate from Eltion and Nino, figured out that the current landlord is not going to fix anything that she promised to fix -- although when I spoke to her again just now she was quite lovely and pleased that we were going to take care of it -- and then we make a plan. The plan involved F and I going to the Home Depot of Italy which is called, for some weird reason, Leroy Merlin and buying the materials. To make sure Ezekiel didn't get cut out we left all the materials with him, which will also ensure him a ride to the work site next week. They should be able to get the house ready in less than two days. We also priced the cheapest oven to be delivered and sent Job to open up all the accounts for the new house's gas, water, and electricity. I had a long talk with Emmanuel, in which I tried again to convince him to move to this new house. I, personally, think that Stanley and Momma Freedom should move in as soon as Job and Mamma Peace move out.

Ezekiel taking it all in

Eltion and Nino

this happened.

bilingual wizard championship

In the midst of everything, I had to explain to the owner of Job and Tina's old house that I could not meet her this morning. She missed us by one hour and I had the excuse of F's return to America to soften the blow. She came with a present for baby Peace and a newly amenable attitude, but I don't want to have to deal with her anymore because she is a lot of work. I will just stay on top of Job to pay his rent at this new house so we won't have that kind of unpleasantness again. 

Mamma Peace was running a fever, so we had to run to the pharmacy for her, where we had to buy diaper cream for Peace in any event. 

just chillin . . brrrr

I was very stressed that Cool reported that there is no heat or hot water at his house. I asked Eltion if he would kindly talk to Cool's landlord to explain why he needs to pay for a new hot water heater, but the landlord is not picking up the phone for them. Tomorrow we need to take baby Freedom home to that house from the hospital. When I called an hour ago, Jennifer reported that the heat was back on. I doubt I have a black hair left on my head. Worrying as a tool for preparedness seems to only work half the time and the rest of the time it is useless, but I can't for the life of me figure out when it pays off so I continue to annoy myself. 

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