Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bringing Freedom Home (literally)
Today we brought Freedom home from the hospital. 


Stanley looks a bit like Sidney Poitier, no?

the obstetrics tree

you know you've made it in Italy, when the administrative lady boss behind this door kisses you on both cheeks!

Freedom is so much tinier than I remembered from when he emerged in real time.

He weighs just about 5.5 pounds.

His feet are ridiculously long.

super long feet!

I am still trying to mind plant that Stanley and Mamma Freedom should move into Job and Mamma Peace's old house and that Emmanuel should move out with Peace, but I am not that powerful. Although I did help to bring Freedom into the world. Not bragging, but bragging.

Let it be known, that, despite everything, Freedom was born in 2016.

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