Monday, December 12, 2016

Beyond adorable
My life can't all be lap dances, sailors, and bar hopping, you know.
In the spirit of The Book of Joy, I am trying to lower my expectations, raise up my hope and faith, and dare to get on board with a world family of seven billion humans, who for the most part all want the same things out of life. But I have decided to start small. And leggermente/slightly slobbery. So this weekend we spent with my favorite new human (Peace!) and the piccoli aiutanti child volunteer group. The little helpers gamely decorated gingerbread and made lovely pictures for the African refugees, while their parents and I figured out how to cut five scarves from one fleece IKEA blanket enough times to make 82 of them for the guys in the tents. Shimon and Dasha turned their house in Vecchiano into Santa's workshop, and the elves did not disappoint. Shimon scared the shit out of me about taking the kids' photos, so for once I didn't sneak you any shots. Trust me, they are very good looking little people. But apparently a lot of you are pervs out there, and so I have to respect their privacy. Peace knows she already is going to be a big star and so she signed a waiver.
Peace has started fake laughing to bring even more joy into the world.
She is a pint sized genius of comedy.
Even genius comedians need naps.
cookie love
the creative force is strong with this one ..
Dads making scarves
This suocera measured and pinned lovingly, while F invented the dad method which involved eyeing it and cutting five scarves in five seconds flat.
We ended up with a good haul, though!

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