Saturday, December 10, 2016

Be there in ten minutes ..
So when Courtney told me she thought we should go down to the port and holler at the Australian and English yacht crew men to see if they could give us some old uniform jackets and other supplies off the ships, I said ..

Then on further analysis, we realized that it was raining on Sunday, she couldn't go on Saturday and I couldn't go on Monday or Tuesday, so then we came up with some serious Thelma and Louise shit (F loves this analogy because he gets to be Brad Pitt). 

The evening started out with my remembering that back in the day I learned to never wear more than a leather jacket if you plan to hit more than one bar and my borrowing a massive scarf from T. By the way, T took one look at me and said, you are not wearing the hoops and the choker are you? Um, yes, I was. So we walked for five minutes in the cold night, while I tried to psyche myself up, and then F forgot where he parked the car. Then he remembered where he parked the car and found the car and remembered that he had forgotten his car keys. Cut to me directly under where an Italian mamma was hanging her laundry from her balcony and yelling at her kid, all the while, literally, looking down on me pacing to the sound of my cell phone blasting NittyScottMC.

Oh well, not NY ..

The plan was to dress up and go down to The Red Lion bar in Viareggio where the crew allegedly hang out. We picked up Courtney at her adorable, little house, where her boyfriend and two sons were already asleep. Within moments, as though we had been working on bank heists together for a life time, she had F and I unloading her car full of donations into her garage.

Thelma & Louise

This is a holiday weekend in Italy, so we did not have swarms of guys to talk to. We talked up a total of five yachtsmen and got zero coats. Although, Courtney got a pretty jaunty friend request on FB upon awakening this morning since she had cleverly linked our coat drive to the bar's FB page. We also went to two other bars, both of which were not useful for our mission. However, I now know there is a kind of desperate, little, wanna be place called The Club in Viareggio, where based on a clearly statistical analysis of male eyeballs, it is safe to say that Courtney and, less than Courtney but also, I have still got it.

Now enjoy this more tasteful little photo essay about our cuteness and a work of art we like to call our Christmas tree:

My various angels

Got it!

I got my hair did this for these shenanigans ..

ta dah

Note the new Twizzler ornament in the top right corner ..


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