Saturday, December 24, 2016

Babbo Natale went Crazy  
Today I gave presents to Glory who was back in Lucca for the day. We gave Paul his presents and found out that he does not have heat or hot water, and that he is about to lose his current apartment anyway. He is not too bummed about it because things are going well at the restaurant, and he was paid very well this month. We bumped into the kitchen manager who has been out of work with a broken hand, and asked him if he would kindly make sure that Paul gets a renewed contract, which he needs to get a new apartment. Then I begged the heater repair guy to fix Cool, since they also didn't have hot water ... again, and left money for him to come on Christmas eve. It turned out that he needs a part and thinks the whole thing needs to be replaced. Then I ran to bring the outdoor florists their cupcakes.
We had a full car/sleigh on our way to Montecatini:
F drove like this!
T traveled like this!
I had these sad guys on my lap!
We had bags of gifts and donations for the whole group like make-up kits for the women, and wrist bands for the men, and plenty of wonderful things for the babies, like a car shaped play seat and walker for Wisdom. Last night a lady answered Tina's wish for a special stroller/car seat that is called an ovetto here because it cradles the baby like a little egg, so we had that with us, as well. 
ovetto approved!
I sent out thank you photos to all the people who I could remember who had donated money or items. We took Jennifer shopping for baby food and diapers, and got some diapers for her sister-in-law, as well. It does not look like they are ever going to make up, so the atmosphere was pretty tense at their house. I was pretty stressed in the car because Wisdom had blisters on his hands from when he had a fever last week, which made me think that he has fifth disease.  But I'm not sure. I used hand sanitizer every fifteen seconds. We did get the baby who is due next week a carrier and a donated mobile, too, along with tons of pajamas and onesies. 
Wisdom is crawling now and has five teeth!
Then we went by and made sure Emmanuel had his monthly payment to send back to his son Precious in Nigeria  and we delivered the exersaucer for Peace. We left them the rest of the cupcakes, although they were a bit melted because fondant is just not my friend.
Happy Holidays to our readers!

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