Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Real things that actually happen (only to me)    
Jumping back in time, I managed to get pretty much wasted off a quarter of a glass of wine at Thanksgiving, perhaps it was the fasting beforehand, so I was more entertaining than I planned on being for two of T's friends who happen to be dating one another and who also happen to be F and my English students.
Thanksgiving lightweight!
Peace and Wisdom both got horrendous stomach viruses for over a week with vomiting and diarrhea that necessitated me paying for all of their medicines which were special and did not get exempted with those that are free for the documented unemployed.

Tina's household has a water pump, even though last I checked they do not live in A Little House on the Prarie, which in my mind is the only way in this day and age houses in the first world should have water pumps. It broke today which means no heat and no water on the coldest day of the year thus far. Just as I was trying to figure out what kind of lap dance I was going to have to perform to get them a plumber at such short notice a holiday miracle occurred and it restarted itself just like that. 
seriously, though . .

This is the goodie. Wait for it. 

I ordered this spacesuit looking deal for Gabry. Even though he got his driver's license and some money towards a taxi that he wants to buy, he still came back to Lucca to beg. Unfortunately,  I didn't have any more to give his family at this time. This thing is waterproof and warm up until six degrees below zero. It has shoe covers and a hood. He usually sleeps at the fruit and vegetable market at night while he's here, but there is no heat there. When the package arrived on this cold for Lucca day, I was excited to call him right away. I saw the number listed under Gabry and I called. A woman answered. I told her I must have the wrong Gabry. She insisted that it was correct. That her name was Gabry. I told her that I was looking for a man. She said her husband was also named Gabry. I told her that the man I wanted was Romanian. She told me they were Romanian. I said the couple that I was talking about had a son. She said that they did have a son. She insisted on knowing what I wanted with her husband, and her tone led me to think that this wasn't the first time she had gotten this kind of a call. Anyway, I told her I was sorry, but that my husband and I have a joint contact list and maybe her husband was one of his students. She said I spoke Italian too well to be American (Thanks, lady!). She made me promise that my husband would call to clear things up later and threatened that she would save my number and call me back if I didn't.

Anyway, the real Gabry was downstairs. He called the female Gabry, wife of also Gabry, and explained in Romanian that she had nothing to worry about because he was the Gabry in question. You see, it occurred to me also that if F called his Italian would not be good enough to clear up anything with this lady and he could possibly make things worse! He loved the coat. 
Since it is only a matter of time before I get arrested (see all other posts), enjoy a photo of the real Gabry's family that I illegally stole off his fb page.
Oh, and I went to T's parent teacher conference and for the fourth year got the two silver haired professors confused because the one who usually leaves his shirt unbuttoned too far must have been cold, and he was all buttoned up. Mannaggia me!

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