Monday, November 14, 2016

from kitten to shit
so tonight was not fun. The people in baby Peace's house have not paid rent for 11 months. I knew about the last three. We advised them against it, but they said that since I paid for repairs, some of which were structural, that the owners should take that instead of rent. We all thought that was cool, sincerely, since we sent receipts for thousands of euros of work on the house and the owners never asked for rent. Still, F and I always thought they should pay and we had given them ideas about how to keep an accounting book to keep up to date with the payments. 

The owners are in Albania and got a letter from the bank that they are going to take away their house. I don't know on what planet they didn't check for payments until now. The owners called me cursing and hysterical. I had to tell the people in the house on the phone because the owners and the tenants don't understand each other on the phone. We calmed them down and convinced them to try to make a payment plan with the bank, and that we would try to act as intermediaries with the tenants and make a donation ourselves to try and save that house for everyone involved. To think I was happy that we didn't have to fix the other group members' hot water heater because the landlord came though for them, and now this much worse, much more expensive thing. It sucks because if they got evicted it could put the baby in jeopardy with social services and I will do everything in my power to prevent that. No good deed seems to go unpunished these days.. Jeesh.

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