Sunday, November 20, 2016

Frida Kahlo & Santa Claus  
We took our practically 17 year old T (can you believe it?) to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit in Bologna, the one unbirthday request I could squeeze out of her. We spent ages looking for parking and hunting for take-out food (Mexican, of course) to eat on the long way back in the car. Bologna is too big for me to live in, though. What has happened to this former New Yorker is really shocking. I am just not about crowds these days. So, now I am thinking that we should move to Parma and visit Bologna when we need more art and shopping excitement. 

Dorothy, we're not in Lucca anymore . .

Photo taking was not permitted.

so don't look at this either.

We also got all the donated baby stuff to deliver and everybody was pretty excited with their haul of good stuff. 

Stanley's wife Tina who is due in just about a month got to check all the things off her hospital list of baby requirements.
Tina got a bag full of cute onesies like this one!

Baby Peace was totally entralled with her high tech play mat. 
Good news for her mom, Peace loves the play mat!

Two adorable individuals who need naps.

more peace talks

. . . and a snazzy mobile!

Wisdom got some big boy clothes. 

Even Emmanuel's son Precious is getting a whole new wardrobe sent to him in Nigeria!

Tina and Maisey's father got to have his operation, but I don't know how it went. 

And we even managed to connect a donor --our previously grumpy neighbors- with Gabry, our friend the aspiring Romanian cab driver. They donated a thousand euros to him towards a new car to use as a taxi, after we paid his way to a driver's license. This is great news because he has not had to leave his wife and little son to come and sleep in the ortofrutta store and beg for several months and is taking steps toward his big goals. I guess I will have to the folks next door next time they come back to Lucca.

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