Thursday, November 17, 2016

Self Talk
Of course I talk to myself, every so often I need the advice of an expert!

After several a panic attack, I have come to the conclusion that maybe the people in baby Peace's house won't get evicted if they do what they vowed and gather two months of rent together to pay to the bank right away. It would not make sense that an Italian bank would want to have to take over that house given the burdens they are under. Plus, things move at a glacial enough pace here that there is no reason for me to go broke trying to solve the problem myself. On further reflection I recalled that we had advised everyone not only that they should pay rent, but that F gave lessons on how to keep track of the payments and how to work as a team to make sure all the members of the house gave equally and in a timely manner. When people like the house owners yell at me, my first instinct is to think I did something horrible. That is a not an exceptable strategy in Italy, so no more Ms. Nice Human. 

I stayed up late waiting to hear from the landlords who never called. They sent a message this morning threatening that the tenants need to pay it all by December 15th. I don't really buy it, but they are supposed to call again tonight. Tina always says no problem, when, in reality, the problems are pretty staggering, but not life threatening. I now understand why. Nothing phases me anymore. 

There is a Nigerian guy who speaks fluent Italian who makes his living getting commissions to guarantee rent payments for Africans from Italian renters. He is now Tina and Job's hope for getting a new house. It seems sketchy, but other sources, Paul included, told me today that he gets the job done. 

This morning we took Paul to the CUP/Health bureaucratic stuff office at the hospital of Pescia where after almost five years in Italy, he finally got his health card. I thanked the staff person so hard that my ex friend Alessandro would have really been ashamed of me for my American enthusiasm and level of gratitude. Whatever. 

Meanwhile, Tina, whose mother died of a curable illness because her family did not have enough money to pay the deposit for an appointment with a hospital doctor in Nigeria now has a father in need of an operation to save his leg. Instead of helping to pay off the back rent for some people in the house who are not disciplined renters, for lack of a better term, we will take part of the donation my mother made so she can use it for that. Afterwards, she will repay that money so she can use it on a new house in the future. 

I am not comfortable with any of this, but, as they say, no problem.

I got back in touch with Moro in the tents of the Red Cross where he is freezing his butt off waiting for the refugee commission to decide whether he is worthy of a stay permit. He said he will help me to distribute Christmas/Winter treats to the 150 or so people in there at Christmas time. I am encouraging my ex student Elisabetta who is a teacher to get her students to make scarves and cookies, and I contacted Nadia at Il Tirreno to see if the newspaper would take photos to get a positive article in the newspaper. 

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