Thursday, October 20, 2016

Panic attack

Che ansia! Mamma mia! It is bad enough that every year we beg our pharmacist to give us the flu shot because we don't want to make appointments with the family doctor to sit in the waiting room full of sickies for ages until he gives us the shot. You can buy boxes of the flu vaccine from the pharmacy. It is only free for the elderly, children, and pregnant women. Last year we just administered them ourselves; but then as soon as we get the achy arms or the little fevers, I worry that we did it wrong and have moments left to live. I feel better throwing the responsibility of it all on Dott.ssa Elvira.

This year it is one million times worse because of the refugee group. Many of them don't have health cards or doctors. I can't afford to get every refugee I know a flu shot, but for our group and their children and in-laws we ended up buying ten boxes. I was going to administer it myself, but then I read about the waivers you should sign and the legal responsibility and the possible allergies and I thought better of it. On the other hand, I am awake at nights worrying that I will be spending all night long in disgusting emergency rooms with feverish babies and adults wondering why I didn't just get them the vaccine.

F went to the pharmacy and had a less than successful conversation in Italian where he was neither sure he had bought the most effective version of the vaccine nor that Dott.ssa Elvira would be available. To be fair I still speak the worst Italian that I can speak at that pharmacy because Dott.ssa Elvira is a little deaf and so there is a delay and a lack of supportive head nodding on her part.

I went back with Paul on his work break and we got our shots. It turns out Paul is afraid of needles. I went first. F is going back after his last student of the day. We bought out the store and have to pick up the rest of the boxes tomorrow. The plan is that the members of the group who want the vaccine and who have doctors will bring their friends and show them the pre-bought boxes and get the doctors to admister the vaccines or we will take them to a pharmacist I know who might be just weird enough to administer them for us. 

T would not go to get the vaccine because insert excuse here, and so we have to administer hers at home. I hate it. This is so stressful!

Today my four hour English class was spent having students give oral presentations in preparation for their TRINITY English exams. They will have to have a conversation with a teacher from the TRINITY test and also present a topic that they have prepared ahead of time. The level of reluctance to speak was pretty epic. It made me sad that so many Italians have so much shame about actually speaking English, as opposed to doing grammar exercises in their books. I think it was a positive experience today. I hope it was. I loved how when I said we would create a non judgemental and supportive atmosphere, one woman told me in a very sincerely, well I still feel judged. By us? I asked. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, By myself. Well, that's some honesty right there.

I have organized a dinner at Paul's restaurant like I promised him, with six other people, to make him look good and to spread the word about our group, hopefully in 48 hours from now I will be able to enjoy it.

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