Sunday, October 30, 2016

Here we are in Parma on Halloween, hiding from earthquakes, theoretical cinghiali/wild boar, and social interactions with our hosts. We have gotten to the point where twice now we have chosen to eat nachos in our car on the side of the road. I think we are just not B&B people. We like privacy, nice as they are. 

I also can't make up my mind if I can imagine living in Parma ever. It has more possibilities for us than Lucca, but it seems also a little neither here nor there size-wise. I think we need to go take a closer look at Bologna. 

We totally snuck into a castle and did not pay for the tour. We got caught, but first we took some photos with the portraits.

happy halloween!

spider web umbrellas!

Glad this season the scariest creature is a squirrel. . .

.. but there is also a wolf reserve!

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