Friday, October 07, 2016

Doing the most
Today we were just pretty amazed with ourselves. Not only did we get a new stove for Tina and Job, but we got Ezekiel to install it at a fraction of the normal price. I also got the hot water guy to reduce his price by half! His colleague really didn't do us any favors last time he was here, so from now on we know to ask for Maurizio. Then we convinced the real estate agents around the corner to add their names to the rental contract. With a rental contract they will be able to get some welfare from the government for baby food and diapers each month. When I finally got the landlord on the phone, she said she couldn't get back to Italy until December, but she would sign the appropriate forms so Tina and Job can become official residents and not just guests. It turned out that one of their housemates, DeWill, who never did come for the free Italian lessons he requested from me, also never communicated the messages that the landlord had left for me over the last month. He may not understand her when she speaks, but it is not clear why he never even indicated to me that he had heard from her. 

My mother made a generous donation which will also go to giving monthly emergency aid to Emmanuel's son Precious in Nigeria and towards helping Gabry get a car so he can support his family as a taxi driver in Romania. Ezekiel who had been imprisoned for not having a document is now married to Alessia who is Italian. Aside from their love story, this is also good news because she was able to get a stay permit for him going forward. She showed me her wedding photos today while we were waiting for the new stove to be installed. If we hadn't done that today, the house might have gone up in flames with a gas explosion. 

F had to teach in Porcari, so I spent four hours coming up with ways to distract Peace. 

This was her reaction to her first belly raspberry. .

Just chatting away the morning . .

She is getting so big!

T is getting ready to go on her trip to Cyprus on the Erasmus program. It will look great on her college applications, but, due to some odd decisions by the part of the school, her flight will only arrive at 2 AM and at that point she will have to take a bus to the host family's town that is due to arrive at 3 AM. I am pretending to be cool with everything, but not very successfully. The family who was supposed to host her had a daughter her age, but they balked to see she was a vegetarian, and now she has to stay with a boy whose facebook profile makes T think that the situation does not bode well. She will be gone for eight days. There is a whatsapp group where the kids who are going on the trip communicate, and me thinks there is a lot of night time partying being proposed, which is also less than ideal since they are supposed to be up early in the morning for the scheduled activities. There are a million documents to print and toiletries to buy before she sets out tomorrow evening. My eyes have their bags pre-packed and a lot of the insomnia fueled ugliness is going to be carry-on. Who takes a class trip to Cyprus?? 

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